Your first class at

Body & Pole

If you're experienced at pole and hoop and you're just new to the area or you want to try a new studio, then you'll probably know the ropes and already have an idea of what to expect. 

However if you're brand new to pole, hoop or the studio then it can be a little daunting! Once you're at the studio, just say hey! Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your class is due to start. You'll get to talk with other class members for a while and it gives us time to talk about any experience you have. This gives us an idea of what you might be capable of. 

We'll start the class with a warm up to avoid pulling any muscles and get you fired up. After this, we'll get equipment out. Don't worry about getting your own equipment out at first, our amazing students will help get every pole set up. Once you know where everything is you can help too!

We usually share poles in groups, this means everyone gets a spotter and it means we can pair off students with similar abilities. 

Because of this, we'll quickly run through routines for the high ability students to set them off, then direct our attention to you and what you need. Don't worry, we won't ask you to flip upside down or do anything too intense. It starts with posture and nailing the basics. We'll have you doing some basic spins by the end of the lesson. 

There's usually around 3 or 4 combos to the class, unless it's a heels, where there's only 1 routine that's a lot longer. If you get the hang of the first task, we can set you up with the next one. Don't worry if you spend the whole lesson on one move though, getting the basics down is really important because you'll always be using the techniques you learn. It's better to nail the basics than rush through to the intermediate. 

While you're working on your moves, it's a great time to make friends! all our students have thrived in our friendly and helpful atmosphere, so don't worry, there'll always be someone to help you out. 

Speaking of our atmosphere, at the end of each lesson we take a group photo to celebrate a workout well done, and through the lesson we'll probably take some photos of everyone doing their moves. If you don't want photos taken, that's absolutely fine and we respect this. We just see it as a way to monitor progression!

The most important part for us, is that you come in, have fun and stay safe. Our amazing instructors will make sure that you're smashing goals and that you feel supported all of the time.