Body & Pole Instructors


Sarah Guthrie - Studio Owner - Pole Instructor


Sarah is the owner of Body and Pole studio, with more than a decade of training  pole as well as six years teaching pole and flexibility experience  she will guide you expertly through her classes teaching you to an exceedingly high standard. Sarah has advanced pole teaching qualifications with Spin City Aerial Fitness, PDC and Pole passion, as well as first aid training to ensure your experience in the studio is as safe and high quality as possible.


Sarah is continuously keeping up with pole trends to ensure all students reach excellence, her coaching has led multiple students from total beginners to confident advanced polers, with some even progressing to performing professionally. Most importantly, Sarah makes every student feel welcome and at ease, she has a brilliant personality and is inclusive to all. Sarah always ensures a positive environment in the studio, just make sure to point your toes!


Rebecca Kerr - Spin City Pole Instructor


Rebecca has been doing pole for over 5 years now. Rebecca has been qualified for just over four years. She a mix of the strength and the sexy moves. She loves to train conditioning and working on her flips and tricks whilst exploring awe inspiring shapes and incorporating heels into her practice. She's been training with Sarah since when she first started but has continued to develop her skills through an extensive list of workshops with visiting instructors and attending external workshops. 


Natalie Wilson - Spin City Pole Instructor


Natalie has been poling for over 4 years now and qualified as a spin city beginner instructor 2 years ago. She loves strength building moves and her favourite is Cupid and anything shoulder mount. 

Natalie primarily focuses on strength based moves and creating excellent combos for students to try. 


Jordie Wilson - Spin City Pole Instructor


Jordie has been poling for over 5 years and qualified instructor 1 year ago. She enjoys creating interesting combos for her students to work on, as well as focusing on her flexibility and learning new shapes she comes across whilst training in her heels for flow.