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Classes at Body & Pole

We offer a range of classes for your fitness needs! Get stronger with Pole classes for total beginners to advanced - there is something for everyone. Increase your flexibility with Flex and Stretch. Work on your timing and link moves whilst building your confidence together to create combos and routines with Heels. Get up and work with other aerial sports with Hoop. 

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Pole Classes 

Looking for an intense workout? Try something a little different? Pole is the one for you! Our classes start with total beginners to intermediate (where you'll find your more advanced moves) There is something for each stage of your pole journey.


Total beginners

If you've never done pole before or its been a long time since you've trained and can't remember anything. Total beginners is the one you want. Our instructors will take you the beginner stepping stones to pole, basic spins and starting to climb.  


Advanced beginners

You must be confident in climbs, learning new climbing techniques, inverting both sides and must be able to butterfly flatline and starting more technical spins.


Intermediate pole

Must be confident in leg hangs on both sides, jade and half jade, extended butterfly, cross ankle and laybacks.


Mixed pole

This is a place for everyone, after you've done at least one total beginners class you can come here. There'll be a range of students here with something for each level to learn. 

If you're unsure what level you are please message Body and Pole Fitness Studio on Facebook or Instagram 

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Flex and Stretch

Wanting to loosen up and work on your stretch? One of pole and hoops health benefits are increased flexibility. Flexibility has many benefits itself, but the main benefit for us is that it reduces risk of muscle injury and it minimizes muscle soreness! Our Flex classes have an increased focus on flexibility, so you'll be bending over backwards and touching your toes before you know it! 

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Aerial Hoop


Like pole, Aerial Hoop has a huge range of health benefits. Firstly it targets your core and upper body as you'll be lifting your legs up and through the hoop. It'll also improve your core stability and your overall strength as you get into the moves and sustain them.


As you get better at sustaining the moves, this will increase your balance too, and overall endurance. From your first class with our amazing Hoop instructor, you'll see just how flexible you can become with hoop too, which will lead to better joint mobility. 

Aerial hoop is for any levels, if you've never done it before or done a ton - we got you! 

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Heels is works on a new routine each week. Our main instructor is Sarah who is the owner of Body and Pole Studio and she loves heels with a passion.


She's always learning new heels tips and tricks and does a monthly 90 minute heels workshop to pass on her knowledge.


Heels will have you leaving the studio feeling super confident.

You don't need the big heels, you can come in some of your regular heels to test it out first (promise you'll be hooked)

Private lessons Body  & Pole Fitness Studio

Private lessons

Private lessons are available for one to one and group sessions. This is great for if you want to fine tune a routine, flexibility, conditioning or work on a routine. If you're a complete beginner or advanced poler you can make the private lesson to suit you.

For group privates lessons please message Body and Pole Fitness Studio to book.