Customer Reviews

As a small local business, we'd be nothing without our customers. We absolutely love them all to pieces, but here's an insight into what they think about us!

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"Sarah is such an amazing teacher, I've progressed massively in her care. Can always guarantee to leave a class in stitches and feeling like you've worked hard and accomplished things you previously thought impossible."

- Melissa Humpleby

I've tried a few pole places over the years and Sarah is the best teacher I have ever had. She has brilliant energy and is the perfect mix of encouraging and motivating but takes no slacking ! The lessons are structured in a way that I will get the very most out of them. Love this place, thank you Sarah !

- Joanne Camp

Sarah is lovely and made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident during my session. I really enjoyed it and already feel the ache ... along with the burn. I can't wait for another session. Definitely recommend x

- Natasha Stott

Absolutely fantastic teacher!! I have been having private lessons with Sarah for around 3 months now. I was nervous when I started because of my age and considered myself fairly unfit, but Sarah has such a positive welcoming attitude that I instantly felt at ease and lessons are really fun. Every move Sarah introduces is at a level of difficulty where she is pushing me to learn but due to her motivation and support I can still succeed and feel accomplished every time. I feel my strength and confidence have progressed so much in a few short weeks both in and out of the studio. Thank you so much Sarah. Xxx

- Helen Williams

I have been coming to the studio every week for over a year now, I love the classes, they help build confidence, fitness, strength and flexibility. We do something different every week and its always a challenge. Sarah is a great teacher and is very good at her job, really funny and lovely. All the girls (and James) who attend are amazing which makes the studio a great place. I would recommend to anyone!

- Julie Ahmed

Body and fitness pole studio is just honesty the best place! Firstly the instructors are so good. They will teach you to do things you would never have dreamed possible and are so supportive! They build you up, never make you feel like you aren’t good enough and everyone is just so much fun!


Secondly, the studio is one of the most inclusive and body positive studios. There are people of different ages, genders, sizes and I leave my lessons feeling like a badass bitch. If you had told me a year ago that I as a plus size, 6ft black woman would be strapping on booty shorts, garters and 8 inch platforms and performing in a showcase I would not have believed you in a million years but the everyone in the studio makes you feel so empowered and confident.


I leave lessons feel confident and sexy and just like a badass bitch. Honestly if you’ve ever even vaguely considered pole dancing get yourself down to the studio, it’s a decision you will not regret!!

- Niffi

I’ve been coming to the studio for nearly 3 years now and have regular privates with Sarah, but also attend classes. I absolutely love it. The studio atmosphere is positive, everyone cheers each other on, there are no groups or clicks, and positive body image is promoted constantly no matter what shape you are!


Sarah’s expertise shine through in every lesson, and if you don’t get abs from doing tucks, you get them from laughing. Pole is a hard workout, but I always leave a lesson feeling empowered, proud and strong.


I would never spend 3 hours in a gym lifting weights, but I can easily spend 3 hours at pole hanging upside down. It’s so fun! I’ve gained confidence in myself, found a passion for pole fitness, and even lost inches - all whilst having fun! If you are thinking “pole dancing isn’t for me, I’m not that type of girl” - that’s exactly what I said 3 years ago, and now the poor bugger can’t get rid of me 😅 come and say hello 😘😘

- Jac

I have been to several pole studios over the years but Body and Pole is BY FAR my favourite! Sarah is an amazing instructor who always pushes you to improve, no matter whether you're beginner or advanced, but she's also supportive and understands when you're not quite feeling it that day...

the actual students are amazing as well, everyone builds eachother up and it's such an inclusive place that any shape or size would feel comfortable! I would 100% recommend this place to anyone (and I do)

- Kate

Since coming back in May following the lockdown, I have spent around 9 to 10 hours each week in the studio. I attend classes with each of the instructors and can confirm they are all absolutely incredible!


They keep you safe and ensure you always achieve something - which is the aim of the game! The progression I have made since May has been insane and can only thank all the instructors enough for this. I have been able to attend private lessons once a week and I find these have helped me understand and gain more control in my moves along with learning new tricks! These are done with Sarah and she is just the most dedicated person I have ever met.


I am going from strength to strength not only in my body but my wellbeing also and this is all thanks to her. I am so glad I made the choice in February 2020 to join this studio. Not only have I made some precious friends, I have an extended family who I have grown very fond of. This studio is always welcoming, and if your thinking of trying it, take a leap of faith, you won't regret it.

- Jess