Body and Pole
Fitness Competition 2019
Teesside SU 

November 3rd, 2019. The Body and Pole Fitness Studio had it's first competition! Held at Teesside Uni's Student Union, we had amazing performers split into different categories. 

In Beginner level we had: Nikkie Ward, Alex Garvey and Sarah Thornborrow.

In Intermediate Level we had: Jen Hall, Elissa Lee, Sarah Watson, Sami Millward, Tracy Brittain, Ina Stokland, Emma Pollard, Hannah Atkinson, Karen Howey, Gemma Armstrong, Amy Beech and Catharina Lena.

In the Advanced level we had: Stacey Boyle, Sarah Small, Hayley Steel, CC, Melanie Burdon, Summer Marshall and Bev Cooper.

In the Classique section we had: Sarah Watson, Gemma Steel, Natasha McCormack, Natasha Gray, Katie Plumber, Hannah Leigh Dobson and Edith Adamson. 

Our amazing judges were: Sisi Zheng, Heidi Hildersley, Damian Kutryb and Beth Hamilton.

Everyone had an absolute blast! Well done to every single person who performed - it's not easy, it's nerve wrecking and it takes so much work to come up with outfits and performances. You were all amazing! Check out a few photos of the night below, and check out the Facebook Page for events and to get on board with what we do!

If you participated and have photos of the event, please send them to MWM Digital to get them in the slideshow!