Body And Pole Camp

first edition

2020 September is the Body And Pole Camp: First Edition!

Get ready for a weekend full of intense training! From Friday September 11th until Sunday September 13th, we welcomed amazing instructors Beth Hamilton, Gemma Steel and Jack Scott Lee! The location for the camp was a 5 star accommodation in the stunning countryside in our own huge 13 bed house! Once we'd made it through the intense training for the day, there was plenty of laughs and fun filled nights. 

Our Instructors:

Beth Hamilton - Beth has been poling for almost a decade and teaching for 7 years. She likes to bring out the best of people's abilities and absolutely loves teaching!

Jack Scott Lee - International aerialist and pole performer multi award winning athlete and instructor owner of Aerial Jacks Pole & Circus Acadmey

Lead pole and aerialist for UK Pleasure Boys and resident ibiza super club aerialist for Amnesia. Spin King or Kweeeeen splits and flips are my favourite thing!

Gemma Steel - Gemma's an instructor at Northern Pole Dance and has took part in various competitions, coming second place in the Semi Pro league of Dance Filthy Northern in 2018 and 2019 as well as being a finalist in Dance Filthy UK in both 2018 and 2019!

The Camp was sponsored by:

Pretty4Pole - Pretty4pole is a small independent U.K. based retailer, selling the best in polewear and accessories, from the hottest pole brands around the world. This includes brands such as Cleo the Hurricane, RAD polewear, posto9, Wink Fitnesswear and many more. We believe everyone has their own individual pole soul and we supply the polewear to match, whether your style is sexy, pretty or rockstar chic.

Herbal Hemp - Herbal Hemp is a CBD shop in Hartlepool, stocking high quality CBD products that are sure to help you recover after a tough workout. CBD can also be used to help treat a huge range of issues including:
- Anxiety



- Relieve aches and pains

- Reduce muscle and skin inflammation

- Helps you sleep better
- Can alleviate some cancer related symptoms

- Has neuro-protective properties

- Benefits heart health

- Can prevent diabetes

- Can alleviate the pain associated with MS

- It even has anti-tumor effects!

Each person participating in the camp will receive some CBD freebies specifically chosen to help them recover from the pole camp quickly and a discount for in store on York Road, Hartlepool!

Iron X Clothing

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